Lucas Climbs To The Top

You may remember that we Sponsored Lucas Martin, a student at Manchester University, on trek up Mount Kilimanjaro Africa’s highest peak in Tanzania. We are pleased to report that he successfully reached the summit and returned back safely.  Well done Lucas, for not only for conquering the mountain but also for the work he did with ChildReach whilst in Tanzania. We are glad to have been a part of this and hope that this has enriched both Lucas and the children he was able to work with during his time there. We look forward to being able to publish Lucas’ experience in his own words in our follow up post soon.

In the meantime if you are able to boost his sponsorship fund just a little more you can do through the link Donate

Helping Climb Mountains


Kilimanjaro tee shirts
team facing the wall with Lucas


You may be wondering what we accountants have to do with Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa. The answer is Lucas Martin. Lucas approached the practice with the intention of helping him with sponsorship and also to provide him with sponsorship tee shirts and a flag to carry with him to the top of the mountain.

Lucas who is an ex Runshaw College student went on to study Geography at Manchester University and he got involved with the RAG group who were highlighting various fundraising and volunteering activities. Lucas liked the idea of a trek planned by Childreach which wasn’t just an ordinary trek but one to scale Kilimanjaro at a height of 5895m. Lucas flies to Tanzania on 13th June 2016.

To explain why we supported Lucas is best done by understanding why Lucas chose to undertake this challenge. It was the nature of the cause that providing education for children less fortunate. Lucas said “I thought it was a good cause with regards to The support of children because education should be a basic right for all regardless of the economic standing”.

Lucas will spend three days in a local school working with the children and then in his challenge to climb Africa’s highest mountain. You can still show your support for Lucas by donating on my

Please support Childreach through Lucas by donation or sharing this post.

David Richardson


P11D deadline approaching

The forms P11D, and where appropriate P9D, which report details of expenses and benefits provided to employees and directors for the year ended 5 April 2016, are due for submission to HMRC by 6 July 2016. The process of gathering the necessary information can take some time, so it is important that this process is not left to the last minute.

Employees pay tax on benefits provided as shown on the P11D, either via a PAYE coding notice adjustment or through the self assessment system. In addition, the employer has to pay Class 1A National Insurance Contributions at 13.8% on the provision of most benefits. The calculation of this liability is detailed on the P11D(b) form. The deadline for payment of the Class 1A NIC is 19th July (22nd for cleared electronic payment).

HMRC produce an expenses and benefits toolkit. The toolkit consists of a checklist which may be used by advisers or employers to check they are completing the forms correctly.

If you would like any help with the completion of the forms or the calculation of the associated Class 1A NIC please get in touch.

Internet links: HMRC guidance Toolkit

HMRC urges claimants to renew tax credits online

HMRC are urging people to renew their tax credits claim well before the 31 July deadline.

HMRC have made improvements to the online renewal service and recommend claimants renew their claim online once they receive their renewal pack which is issued between April and June. The online service can now accommodate all changes in circumstances (working hours, childcare costs or income) which affect the amount of someone’s entitlement.

Nick Lodge, HMRC’s Director General, Benefits and Credits, said:

‘Our online service means that you can renew at any time of the day or night, and on any device, without having to call us. Online help can also answer most queries you may have and a web chat facility will be available to support people renewing online. We urge everyone who can to go online.

Our customers should check their details and renew early to ensure they get the right money. The sooner people renew their claim, the sooner we can check payments are correct, meaning we avoid paying too little money, or too much, which claimants then have to pay back.

This year, claimants renewing online will be able to access further information, including viewing their next payment, through their own online Personal Tax Account.

Internet link: Press release

HMRC update phishing scam advice

HMRC have updated their guidance to taxpayers on how to spot phishing scam emails.

Phishing is the fraudulent act of emailing a person in order to obtain their personal/financial information such as passwords and credit card or bank account details. These emails often include a link to a bogus website designed to encourage the unwary to enter their personal details.

The HMRC guidance is designed to help taxpayers to recognise genuine contact from HMRC, and how to tell when an email/text message is phishing/bogus.

Internet link: HMRC guidance