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Construction Industry Accounts in Wigan we are here to help

Construction industry is one of our specialist market accountancy advice services. This is why.

McGinty Demack have a significant number of clients who come from the building industry. Builders, Bricklayers, Joiners, Electricians and Plumbers are using our Tailored Construction Industry Service. This has meant that McGinty Demack have gained a lot of experience in dealing with specific tax and VAT matters which affect those who work in the construction industry.
We are able to advise them on specific matters in straight forward Jargon free terms.
By bringing to their attention any changes in legislation which they need to be aware of so that they can concentrate on their own trade skills.

What makes Subcontractors, Contractors and Building Firms choose McGinty Demack as their Accountancy advisor for the construction industry?

McGinty Demack continues to expand its construction industry portfolio through continual referral.  Referrals happen because we are doing the job right.
Furthermore, we also  have a lot of knowledge and expertise which we can share with them.

At McGinty Demack we also believe our pricing policy has been adopted to  reflect the requirements and demands of this sector.

The most relevant services which are provided to this market sector of the construction industry are:

  • VAT– very inportant now that making tax digital is in place and reverse VAT charges due to be implemented in 2020
  • Payroll– managing your staffs pay as well as managing your staff and your CIS contributions
  • Bookkeeping– providing you with the ability to know where your up to especially if you have considerable material purchases
  • Accounts– looking at how you have done and the way forward and
  • Tax– Important time of the year January.

If you are intersted in what we do for the construction industry or have a colleague or associate in the building industry who might benefit from using our services, then please contact us.

Or Book an appointment to meet one of our Advisors