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Tax can be simple to handle, but it can also be complex. This often arises when different taxable statuses and different regulations meet.

McGinty Demack is located in Standish covering Wigan and the North West. We work efficiently to deal with all your taxation queries and completion of Self Assessment returns. While working efficiently we help save you money in two ways. Through our low-cost service and by preventing you from over paying the Inland Revenue. Our work is for your benefit.

When taxation becomes complicated, we do the research for you by first of all understanding all the aspects of your status and evaluating this against the legislation and if necessary case law. We take this as far as you require it.

So you might incur:

Many of our clients opt for fee protection in respect of lengthy and often detailed investigation. Taxation doesn’t need to be daunting if you leave it to the experts.

Remember there are new schemes regularly being considered and also being implemented. So it’s important to keep up to date on how it might affect you.

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Personal rates and allowances are generally set for income tax years running to 5 April. Corporate rates and allowances are set for financial years running to 31 March.


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