McGinty Demack Office Update

Office update Changes we have implemented

Using The Client Portal
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As the country continues to climb out of lockdown we are continuing with our programme of a gradual phased reopening. Next week we will be open during our normal working hours. This will be the first time since 23rd March. But of course, we have all worked hard to ensure we provide client service to the highest possible but safe level during this period. In doing so we didn’t have to furlough any of our staff. We are extremely proud of our staff for the commitment and contribution they have made during this period. But the next phase is to get back to having staff in the office every day. By installing a new telephone system capable of video calls during lockdown gives us closer contact with clients, allowing us to continue Face to Face meetings in a digital setting. The client portal is now fully functioning bringing swifter transfer of documents to and from in a secure environment. We have installed a door entry system to the office to ensure that we have control of social distancing when visitors call in. We also took the opportunity to develop our marketing approach with the introduction of a digital brochure. This provides enquirers with easy access and a quick way of discovering our services as well as being low cost and a better environmental solution. Click here to access a copy.

We could shout out that we are ready for business, but for us it never stopped.

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