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About our Health and Safety courses

We have compiled a selection of courses to help you and your employees become understanding of the Health and Safety requirements placed on business today. Here you will find a selection of courses.

Using the same course provider is always helpful to you as a learner. Familiarity makes concentration and learning easier. This beneficial when using our online courses to expand skills into different computer applications and also honing existing experience and skills to get more out of an application. This is pertinent in todays competitive business environment where efficiency is one of the keys to success.

take a look at our range of course in the right hand window and see if you or your employees can join our training programme. look at what is available and we can help you identify your training needs

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List of recommended  courses

Working at heights Course bits – On demand, Intermediate 2 Study Hours Online Study Self-Printed Certificate Accreditation, 2 CPD Hours CPD Certified